Anne Cater Profile



Anne has participated in choirs since she was in pre-K (3 years old).


She has been a member of Hutchison’s school choir for 12 years.

She has been selected to the West TN Honor Choir.

As a 6th grader, she competed with the High School Choir in a triple trio competition at University of Memphis.

She has had several vocal solos during her various performances.

She has gone on a choir tour with IPC (Independent Presbyterian Church) every year since the 6th grade.

She is a member of the IPC Senior High Choir.

She is a member of the IPC Ensemble Choir. This is a separate group that tours.  This group sings and dances.

She is a choir mentor (helper) for the Junior High Choir at IPC for the past 3 years.

She is a member of the Worship Team in the IPC Senior High.

She is working on her Certificate of Arts at Hutchison HS.


Anne has been in organized lacrosse since the SK grade.  In little league lacrosse, she was always double rostered.  She played on an all girl team and was the only girl to play on a boys’ team.


She became a goalie in the 4th grade.

She has attended the University of Maryland lacrosse camp every year since the 2nd grade.  She has won camp awards in Maryland on three different occasions.  She has played up in age brackets and played for multiple teams every year at the Maryland camp.

She has attended three player development camps at Johns Hopkins.  She has had one on one time with the Hopkins goalie coaches and Hopkins goalies.

She attended training camp with Brett Queener (current MLL player) at Rhodes College.

She has assisted in coaching dozens of lacrosse camps for younger players.  She has spent many summers growing the sport that she loves and inspiring younger players to love lacrosse.

She earned the Leadership Award for lacrosse while in Middle School.

She has served as a Team Captain while in Middle School.

She made the Varsity Team as a Freshman.  She was the only Freshman on the Varsity Team that year.

She has only one loss as a high school goalie.

She has played and made significant contributions to two State Championship teams.


Started playing golf in 10th grade.


Made the golf team in her first year.

Won the 100% Award on her Golf Team.


Anne is a diligent student.


Anne is on Honor Roll.

Anne is on the Dean’s List.

She currently has a GPA above 4.3.

Anne is currently enrolled in three AP classes.

Her teachers consistently tell stories about her drive and persistence.

Anne loves to learn and as such is a voracious reader.  She reads over a hundred books a year and has done so for several years.

One of Anne’s closest mentors at Hutchison is the Librarian.

Anne was a part of the History Fellowship as a Freshman.

In MS, Anne was apart of the Duke TIP program.

Anne received the Library award in MS three years in a row.

**Anne has published 2 of her history papers and an essay.


Family is very important to Anne.


She spends time with her cousins every summer at her grandparents’ home.

Lacrosse is a family sport.  Her Dad is a coach.  She and her sister play.

Choir is also a family “thing.”  Her Grandmother is an accomplished soloist.  Her sister and cousin are also very active choral performers.

Anne loves her three little Westies, especially Teddy, her own.

VBS (Vacation Bible School) assistant teacher – Anne has served in this capacity on a number of occasions.


Sunday School teacher / helper – This is a year long commitment.  Anne has served in this position for three years.

Choir Assistant – Anne has served in this capacity for two years.  She assists the Choral Director in teaching music to younger students.

Choir – Anne has been in a choir or multiple choir since kindergarten.

Ensemble – Ensemble is a smaller choral ensemble that performs more chamber music as well as singing / dancing routine.

Youth Group – Anne has been an active participant in her youth group for four years.

Camp Palmer – Camp Palmer is a summer camp that combines the church youth group and area orphans together in a camp setting to enjoy horseback riding, hiking, zip lining, swimming, fishing, playing sports, and other camp activities.  It is an enjoyable event, but has a very definite ministry aspect.  Anne has attended Camp Palmer for about ten years.

Christmas Baskets – Anne participates in a Christmas food basket program which provides Christmas holiday food for the poorest of Memphis area residents.  She not only fills the baskets, she personally delivers the baskets and prays with the families.

Volunteers for Theater Department – Anne volunteers in a variety of roles to support the theater department at Hutchison.  She has been an Usher, Program distributor, and Will Call Attendant.


Anne enjoys dance classes. –  Anne regularly attends dance classes.  She enjoys a variety of dance categories.

Hobbies / Likes
Alabama Football – Anne is an avid Alabama Football fan.  She watches nearly all of their games every year.


Maryland Lacrosse – Anne has attended lacrosse camps at Maryland for 10+ years.  She and her family enjoy following the Terp women as they fight for a National Championship every year.

Reading – One of Anne’s favorite past times is curling up with a good book.  Normally, she is reading three to four books at a time.

The Beach – What’s there not to like?

Travelling – Whether it is a lacrosse trip, vacation, mission trip, choir tour, history fellowship, or youth group trip, Anne’s bags are always packed.  She loves going to new places, meeting new people, learning and sharing and growing in this wide, wide world.  She desires to study abroad.

Writing – Anne loves to write.  She enjoys researching and reporting her findings.  She also likes creative, persuasive, and fictional writing.

Singing – Anne sings all the time.  It is a past time that gives Anne lots of happiness.  She tells people that singing is a stress reliever for her.

Anne’s Accomplishments

  • Winning her Second State Championship

“This year was very sweet.  My defense was spectacular.  They were a brick wall.  Even when I went through my two game drought, they were there for me, encouraging me.  Being a goalie is a mental game, mind over matter, knowing that you can do it…when is gets to those ‘must win’ saves, it is great to know that you can count on your defenders to pick up that next side, get that shooting space call in order to put the shooter on the 8 meter, or to get open on the clear.  My teammates really stepped up in our seven games against nationally ranked opponents.  I love playing with these girls.  The only regret for my season…I needed one more save against Walton. I will get them next year.”

  • Getting her first State Championship ring

“I was only the back up Varsity Goalie last year.  However due to an injury to our senior starter, I played in all of the playoff games leading to the Championship.  I even played three very memorable minutes in the State Championship game. (Her play was noted by US Lacrosse Magazine)  This season is very special.  I have played with many of girls since we were very small.  It was great to be able to contribute to such a great championship team.”

  • Winning the City Championship in Middle School

“I loved our undefeated season!  Who wouldn’t have?  This is a great team who played their hearts out all year.  I am glad to have been able to save those last four shots; so that my teammates could win this game by one.  It was a perfect end to a perfect season.”

  • Being named to the History Fellowship as a Freshman

“I am humbled to selected to participate in the History Fellowship.  I will work hard to make the most of this opportunity.”

  • Being named on the Varsity team as a Freshman.

“Every shot, every day…I gave it my best and will continue to work as hard.  I am flattered by the faith that my coaches have placed in me.”


Contact Info
Buddy Cater
6406 Old Orchard Cv.
Memphis, TN 38119